Frequently asked questions

How is check-in organized for Rentals and what time can you arrive?
– You can arrive at your own pace with the key codes we sent you after 3:00 p.m. We are flexible according to the situation. It is recommended to arrive before 23:00.

What time should I log out?
– Check Out is at 12:00. We are flexible according to the situation.

Where can you park the car?
– In the courtyard, there are two Rentals boxes available to guests. Remember to take the Rentals business card from the hallway table to the dashboard if you use these boxes. Information about parking can be found here. 

Where can I park if Rentals’ own spaces are reserved?
– There are free roadside places nearby, e.g. Behind the cooperative bank and on Sotilaspojankatu. Information about parking can be found here. 

Where can you park a motorcycle?
– See answer above. You can also park a two-wheeler under the ticket under the empty commercial apartment below Rentals.

Are there boat berths nearby?
– The city’s piers are very close, the beach is 100 m away.

Can the bicycle be stored safely?
– The bicycle can be placed in a locked indoor storage. Contact us before arrival if you need a storage place for the pillar!

Where can you get breakfast?
– Rentals’ shared kitchen is fully equipped and next to it is K-Market, which is open from early morning to late evening. Some of the rooms have kitchenettes. There are cafes nearby, e.g. the Leivintupa cafe is very close by and opens its doors on weekday mornings at 7:00 AM. It is 200 m to Herkku-Pekka and 150 m to the market.

Links and openig hours here. 

Where should you go to eat?
– On the basement floor of the same building is the Posse lunch restaurant, on the street level is Subway, nearby is the Chinese restaurant Wang Fu, Pizzeria Capero, Hesburger and Restaurant Kansakoulu. In the summer, you can find local delicacies and muikku restaurants at the market. Restaurant Majakka and Perlina di Castello can also be found near the market. Saima cafe on Linnankatu is a beautiful cafe where you can also get food and drinks.

Are pets welcome at Rentals?
– Pets cannot stay at Rentals, we are an allergy-friendly host.

Is it a long way to Olavinlinna?
– Olavinlinna is within walking distance. Along the pedestrian bridge leading to the market, first to the harbor and from there along the beaches. Walking calmly takes 10-15 minutes.

Are there services and activities nearby?
– There are restaurants, grocery stores, beauty salons, clothing stores, banks, etc. nearby. At Wanha Asema, there is Activity Maker, which has fat-bike rentals and organizes events nearby, e.g. canoe trips and sightseeing visits to nature destinations.
– The Sulosaaret Casino is a 5-minute walk away, there are beautiful surroundings and nature trails, as well as the Lettu cafe.

Where can you rent bicycles?
– SGS Sport Gear Service is located at Pilkkakoskenkatu 1, where you can rent bicycles, phone +358 15510140. Fat-bikes can be rented from Wanha Asema, phone +358 451122456.

Where can you find events in the city and region?

You can find out about the spring in lake Saimaa here.

You can find out about the summer events and services of the city and the region here.  

And similar ones in the winter here.

Weekly program can be found here.

Do I have to bring my own sheets to Rentals?
– No need to bring your own. The beds are made, everything is ready.

What to do if the key codes or the room key are lost?
– Call Rentals at +358 503594161 or after 22:00 to Vartiointilike +358 400750432. Between 22:00 and 08:00, €120 will be charged for the door opening service, as well as if the key is completely lost.