Terms & Conditions

Vuokraehdot-avain-miesPlease take note of before booking:

You will receive a code for the front door lock via SMS to your phone on the day of your stay, well in advance of the start of your booking.

It will remain valid for the duration of your stay. You will find a key to your room in the key box.

In connection with a text message, you will receive a series of numbers for the box with which it will open. Return the key to the same place when leaving.

  • You can access the rooms from 15:00 on the day of arrival. Check-out is at 12:00 on the day of departure.
  • The guest rooms at Savonlinna Rentals are non-smoking for safety and comfort reasons. Smoking in the rooms is strictly forbidden. Anyone breaking the rule will reimburse the costs incurred, such as for fire alarms.
  • For allergy reasons, bringing animals into the rooms is prohibited
  • Only a person over the age of 18 can make a room booking
  • A person causing a disturbance / the person making the booking shall pay any costs (security guard, etc.) and the person causing the disturbance may be removed from the accommodation, if necessary.

Right of cancellation

It is possible to cancel the booking, but the booking fee is non-refundable.

Right to change bookings

Depending on the booking situation, you can inquire about a change in the time of the room booking.

Duties and responsibilities of guests

An agreement binding on the seller and the customer is created when the customer has made the payment in connection with the booking and the customer has received a confirmation of the booking from the seller. The customer makes the bookings themself on the Internet at www.savonlinnarentals.com. You can also book a room through Airbnb or Bookingcom. If necessary, the seller can make a booking on behalf of the customer. Overnight stays are payable upon booking. The guest making the booking must be of legal age.

The person making the booking undertakes to enter their correct personal data in the booking system. In addition, all guests are required to fill in the guest cards in the rooms.

Key codes or room keys must not be handed over to anyone other than those staying in the same room. The maximum number of guests per room is two people + one person in an extra bed, if an extra bed has been agreed upon. The possibility of an extra bed is primarily intended for children. Only registered guests are allowed to stay in the rooms between 21:00 and 09:00. Rooms must be vacated by 12:00 on the day of departure, after which the door codes will no longer work. The host is not responsible for items left in the rooms or public areas.

During their stay, room guests must follow the rules of the Savonlinna Rentals guest rooms and the general instructions and regulations issued by the authorities. The rules of procedure can be seen in the room folders. Guests must not disturb other guests or those living in the condominium with their behaviour. If guests materially fail to fulfill their obligations, they may be removed from the rooms, in which case they will not be entitled to a refund or compensation. Alarms and other costs caused by breaking the rules of procedure are always paid by the person who caused the alarm or, ultimately, the contact person for the booking.

For acts that lead to an alarm going off, as well as for alarms that go off due to a guest’s own error, we will charge the person who caused the alarm the full cost of the alarm.

The guest (or ultimately the contact person named at the booking stage) is responsible for any damage he or she causes to the apartment or third parties. The guest is obliged to compensate for furniture that they intentionally or negligently break or unauthorizedly remove from the apartment premises. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the rooms and public areas. Smoking always triggers an automatic fire alarm. Alarm, maintenance, and cleaning costs for breaking the smoking ban are always paid by the person who violated the ban or, ultimately, by the contact person for the booking. For allergy reasons, bringing animals into the rooms is prohibited

Duties and responsibilities of Savonlinna Rentals

Guest rooms are cleaned when guests change and on a weekly basis for longer stays.

If, for reasons beyond its control, the seller is unable to provide accommodation that has already been booked and paid for, the seller has the right to offer the customer alternative hotel accommodation in the locality. Changes must be notified to the booking contact person as soon as possible. If the accommodation is not provided due to the seller’s error, or if the quality level of the accommodation has been significantly reduced due to the seller’s error, the customer is entitled to refunds or a full refund of the booking fee paid. No other costs of the customer will be reimbursed.

Comments and complaints regarding the equipment and condition of the guest rooms must be made as early as the day of arrival, whereupon the seller will have the opportunity to correct any errors. The seller is not obliged to reimburse the customer for any complaints made afterwards.

We reserve the right to make changes.